Local Specialties

Come and enjoy Nose’s local specialties,
products of the fertile soil enriched by clean water and generous sunlight.

Nose chestnuts

Nose is the natural home of the gin-yose variety of chestnuts, treasured as the highest-grade chestnut. It is characterized by light-textured sweetness and large size.

Nose rice

Nose’s rice, grown in an ideal natural environment marked with good soil and wide differences in daytime and nighttime temperatures, represents a culmination of local producers’ affection and pride.

Ikeda charcoal (Nose charcoal)

Nose-produced charcoal, often called “Ikeda charcoal,” is treasured as an essential material for tea ceremonies even today for its aesthetic and functional features: beautiful cross-sectioning that resembles a chrysanthemum flower, an elegant white ash that remains when the charcoal has burned out, the ease of catching fire, and its durability.

Botan-nabe (wild boar meat stew)

Wild boars that grow in Nose’s nature-rich satoyama provide a typical local winter delicacy. Wild boar meat cooked botan-nabe style, rich in wild taste, warms up diners from within, recharging them with energy.

Matsutake and shiitake mushrooms

Nose’s matsutake mushrooms are enchantingly fragrant, while its shiitake mushrooms are plump and soft.

Nose chestnut-based distilled liquor, Gin-yose

This distilled liquor, made 100% from Nose chestnuts, is a new addition on the list of Nose specialties. The bamboo charcoal filtering method ensures a refreshing taste with a rich chestnut fragrance.

Nose sake

Nose’s local brand of sake is made strictly of polished rice, rice malt and water. It is perfected by the brewer, who undertakes the whole process from rice cultivation to brewing without compromise. Nose’s climate with wide differences in daytime and nighttime temperatures in summer and the harsh winter cold also favor quality sake production.